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Providing daily expert analysis of the Gold, Silver, currencies and US indices

Highlighting low risk, high probability trades in a variety of vehicles.

Many analysts tend to look back at charts showing what could have been. Unfortunately you cannot trade last Tuesday’s chart. So, I look at the current charts, showing where next resistance and support is likely to occur.

Coghlan Capital provides traders, investors and money managers with expert analysis of the Gold, Silver, currencies and US indices. Analysis is provided each morning, highlighting low risk, high probability trades in a variety of vehicles. Our team has a combined 50 years of analysis in both the precious metals and currencies markets and these are our primary markets. We have earned our numerous testimonials and the relationships we have with our many long term clients through an unparalleled history of providing accurate and timely analysis and successful trades.

We invite you to try our services and to see for yourself how our experts can help you with your trading, investments or portfolio management.

Premium Services

Daily morning analysis

Each morning prior to 7:30AM ET we post 10-20 charts covering the currencies, precious metals and other related vehicles including the eMini S&P, Dollar Index etc. These charts incorporate Median Line analysis and the use of Andrews Pitchforks, showing current support and resistance and highlighting high probability places to find low risk entries.

Charts cover a variety of timeframes catering to those scalping an intraday move up to the largest for those positioning a long term portfolio.
The aim is to on at least a weekly basis, to provide a trade which will cover the monthly subscription several times over meaning the education is free

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Real time forex trading with Paul Coghlan

The Coghlan Forex Live service delivers real time trades from Paul Coghlan as he trades currencies using median line analysis. Trades will be posted through a secure, member-only page which will deliver instant display of posts.

An expert in median line analysis, Paul will use his unique application of the method to find low risk, high probability entries, to determine trend direction and strength, and to identify changes in behavior across a spectrum of currencies.

A unique opportunity to gain an insight into the trading style of a much respected technical analyst as he uses low risk entries to extract profits from the market.

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Live MetalsTrades with Andrew Maguire

This completely unique service provides real-time access to a 30-year veteran of the Gold and Silver markets, Andrew Maguire. A long time professional metal trader, Andrew Maguire, posts his trades in real-time, allowing members to benefit from his insight into market dynamics.

In addition, Andrew posts weekly commentary which unveils many aspects that remain hidden to retail traders. From a breakdown and explanation of COT activity to identifying sweet spots for options expiration, to explaining recent moves in the markets and identifying the forces that cause sudden moves in Gold and Silver.

Real time Emini S&P trading

The ESTrades service is designed for those looking to profit from both intraday and longer term moves in the Emini S&P, identifying low risk ways in which to participate in increasingly volatile markets.

The service leverages median line analysis which reduces risk and increases the chartist’s ability to see trend direction, trend strength and highlight entry and exit levels. The service is hosted by TraderJ, an experienced trader that has extracted millions of dollars from the market for his own account.

TraderJ will post his observations and trades from 8AM EDT through 4PM EDT, indicating his entries, exits, stops and the rationale for each of his trades.

Coghlan Capital, LLC

Public webinar - Currencies, Gold and Silver

Live webinars. highlighting turns and low risk entry points

Live webinars each Monday and Thursday 12:00EST

Members of the Morning Analysis have access to twice weekly webinars, Monday and Thursday presented by Coghlan Capital founder, Paul Coghlan. During 60 minute sessions Paul looks at current charts for currencies, precious metals, US indices, highlighting turns and low risk entry points.

Members can request charts for vehicles they are trading or ask questions as to nuances of the methods being shown. The emphasis is equally on education and highlighting the next entry.

With several hundred videos accessible on the site, members can look through any prior webinar, each of which provides an insight into the methodology upon which the Morning Analysis service is based.

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Meet the experts

Coghlan Capital was founded by Paul Coghlan with the primary intent to share median line based analysis with traders, investors, fund managers and others that saw the value in this proven methodology.

Paul Coghlan – Founder and Currencies

As a trader and analyst for the past 13 years, Paul shares his unique application of median line analysis with hundreds of traders and investors on a daily basis.
In addition to providing the daily analysis and hosting every one of the twice weekly webinars, Paul mentors traders, talks at conferences and hosts annual seminars.

Ben Drage - Currencies

Ben started his career in the City of London in 1982. From then until he retired in 1998 he worked in various boutique brokers, starting in forex arbitrage before specialising in interest rate swap markets.

Since 1998 he has traded for his own account and now brings his many years of experience to the Cross Pairs Analysis service.

Andrew Maguire – Precious Metals

Andrew is an accomplished veteran of the markets. He has 30+ years experience, both as an institutional and independent trader, the last 19 years of which have been as a metals specialist. Andrew is the driving force behind the MetalsTrades services for Coghlan Capital.